Risk Mitigation

Quadrant Four Risk Limited provides a variety services to help our clients mitigate risk. In our section on the Theory of Risk we explain the importance of the fourth quadrant – the Unknown Knowns. In other words, the things that you may not know … but others do. Our risk mitigation services are focussed on this quadrant.

Risk & Reward Maps 

Sometimes, the key here is not the information itself but the way it is presented at a senior level . Important points may be buried in lengthy written reports. Critical data could be hidden in a voluminous spreadsheet. We think that often the best way of presenting substantive analysis is through pictures and not words or numbers. Please see our gallery for examples of the types of Risk Maps and Analytical Cartograms that we have produced for our clients.

Executive Summary Services

A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes there is no substitute for words, particularly when there is a complex argument to be put across. Our Executive Summary service condenses  lengthy board papers  into a few key pages. Our writers have decades of experience in the corporate world in summarising complicated documents and separating the signal from the noise.

Risk Mitigation Training 

John Brodie Donald is a regular lecturer on the acclaimed Security & Risk Management Course (SRMC) run by Frontier Risks. We also provide bespoke day or half-day training courses for executives on the Theory of Risk Management, covering all aspects of risk including Cyber, Geopoliticical, Physical and Financial.