Country Risk Map

At Quadrant Four Risk Limited we create unique country risk maps. Our approach is to represent risk and opportunity as two different dimensions (size and colour) in a redrawn geographic map. Everyone is familiar with a traditional map of the world, but by changing the scale of particular countries we can emphasise commercial opportunities and by changing colours we can represent risk. So, typically, and large green area will represent a country with substantial commercial growth opportunities but with low risk.

The maps below are generic ones for illustrative purposes. Our work for clients is bespoke and the result of extensive consultancy over four distinct phases:

– Defining the specific risk and opportunity factors for the company in question (normally eight of each)

– Gathering and analysing the data

– Creating the bespoke risk map

– Presenting the map and conclusions ( spreadsheets and written reports also included as supplemental material)

See below for some examples of generic country risk maps we have created…

Malware Infection rates by Country

Size of bubble shows the number of internet users in that country. Colour of bubble shows severity of malware infection rates. Data for 2014.

malware infection rate by country map


London Property Prices – Affordability

Map showing how London property prices have changed over the last 20 years expressed as a ratio of median earnings of workers in that location.

London property affordability map

Africa – Country Risk and Opportunities Map

A map showing risk and opportunity for investors in African Infrastructure based on 2013 data. Size of square gives infrastructure opportunity and colour  indicates risk. Small red squares are therefore low opportunity and high risk.

Africa Risk and Opportunity map

Global Country Risk and Opportunities Map

A generic risk and opportunity map for multinationals. Normally the risk and opportunity factors are selected on a bespoke basis to match the client’s objectives and industrial sector. But this is a generic map using very standard factors for illustrative purposes (2012 data). It shows how many countries  actively compete for foreign direct investment. The size of the square shows the investment opportunity and the colour the geopolitical risk.

Global risk and opportunity map

Natural resources country risk map

A country risk map showing the total value of all natural resources (oil, mineral ores, timber, etc) by country and the country risk. Value of resources is given by the size of the square and the risk given by the colour. The resource figure is based on proven reserves in 2012 near the peak of the last commodity cycle. Hence, the oil states in the Middle East are disproportionately large.

Are natural resources a blessing or a curse ? If there is great wealth under the ground, will there always be an unpleasant political regime sitting on top of it? This map seeks to answer that question. Are large squares normally green or red ?

map showing value of mineral resources by country

Europe’s future city states

A speculative map showing what Europe might look like as a collection of city states inside the EU if countries ceased to exist ( as it was in mediaeval times). Size of circle is current population of that urban area and colour is growth rate.

Future European city states map

Risk and Opportunity in Ottoman countries

A map showing country risk and investment opportunity with a Turkish theme. The countries shown were part of the old Ottoman empire – or speak a Turkic language. Size of square gives opportunity for infrastructure investment and colour shows risk rating ( note: pre-Arab Spring  – data 2009 )

risk map of old ottoman empire

Geospecific Cyber Risk Map

Twelve factor model of cyber risk based on transaction flows in the Dutch banking sector. Though cyberspace has no geographic boundaries, certain factors have geospecific locations which can be mapped.

Global cyber risk map