Here are some testimonials about John Brodie Donald from attendees on his courses…..

…John has the experience to make sensible value judgements on what works in risk consultancy……his presentation today demonstrated a combination of hard mathematics and a deep understanding of the human condition. Listening to John, you get the impression he has crafted a Bifrost between the analytical left and creative right hemispheres of the brain…… (see here for more)

Michael Fisher  – Security Professional

Weekend book recommendation: I’ve just finished reading ‘Bolt From The Blue’ by John Donald. A fascinating read and beautifully written…When it comes to corporate crisis management, this book is a must-read… (see here for more) 

Darren Knight – Security Solutions

I’ve not had two days like it since! Another speaker with the highest calibre on the best course in the business…(see here for more) 

David Sparks  – MSyl CiiSCM

What we know, we can plan for, we can collect, compare and analyse data for. But what about known unknowns? Unknown Knowns and Unknown Unknowns?    Far from gibberish, this is where the genius of John Donald comes in….(See here for more)

Matthew Davies  – FRGS

Of particular use was John’s grouping of risk into 4 distinct categories (based on Donald Rumsfeld’s famous ‘known knowns’ speech) and how the best risk mitigation strategies should be focused on the ‘unknown knowns’, essentially information that is known or available somewhere within the organisation, but which has not been shared with the decision makers or those that require it….(See here for more) 

Damien Earl  – Project and Operations Management